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The Cliff

The Cliff

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"The Cliff" is a stunning terrarium landscape from Modernrium, a brand that is synonymous with quality and style. Measuring 27x22cm, this terrarium is the perfect size to add a touch of greenery to any room in your home or office. This terrarium is designed to make your life easy, as it requires minimal care and effort. It comes with a comprehensive care guide and proper instructions, so you can be sure that your plants will thrive. The Terrarium has been created using the latest design techniques and technology, ensuring that it looks amazing, while also being practical and low maintenance. The beautiful and naturalistic landscape includes rock formations and a carefully curated selection of plants, creating a unique and tranquil environment. Whether you're looking to bring a touch of nature into your home, or want to give a unique and thoughtful gift, "The Cliff" is the perfect choice.

All my terrariums are balanced ecosystems with springtails, beneficial bacteria. They require minimal care and attention. l also have some lights for sale if you are interested (they are optional though),and there will be discount if buying a combo item and light.

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