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Aquarium 121 Silicone - Clear colour

Aquarium 121 Silicone - Clear colour

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Introducing Wacker 121, a top-tier silicone sealant hailing from Germany. Tailored to deliver unmatched performance, it excels in bonding, gap filling, and repairing aquarium tanks, fish tanks, and various glazing needs. This FDA-approved gem is entirely non-toxic and ensures the utmost safety for animals. With exceptional long-term water resistance, it adheres effortlessly to glass, plastics, ceramics, all types of rocks and wood. Boasting high strength, toughness, and viscosity, it cures rapidly and maintains its integrity even underwater. Wacker 121 is your go-to solution for a wide range of glazing and industrial applications.

Non-toxic, safe for animals, Can hold any materials such as rocks, woods, glass, plastics. It’s best to hold large rock or wood to glass to form a structure. 

Product size: 300ml
Product per package: 1

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