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Springtail - Clean up crew - mold and fungus cleaner

Springtail - Clean up crew - mold and fungus cleaner

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Notes:  This item is not available for delivery to TAS, WA, NT.  For the best sake please choose EXPRESS postage. Order might also be withheld from dispatch if out local VIC temperatures are excess 30 degree.

Springtails are also commonly used in terrariums as part of the substrate and bioactive environment. Due to their ability to break down organic matter and recycle nutrients, they can help to maintain a healthy ecosystem within the terrarium. They also serve as a food source for other organisms, such as amphibians and reptiles.

In terrariums, springtails can be found living in the soil, leaf litter, and other organic matter. They can help to prevent the buildup of harmful bacteria and fungi by consuming decaying plant matter and competing with harmful microbes for resources.

Furthermore, springtails are often used in terrariums to help control populations of harmful pests, such as mites and fungus gnats. They can be introduced to the environment as a natural and safe form of pest control, helping to maintain the balance of the ecosystem.

Overall, springtails are an important part of the terrarium ecosystem, contributing to its health and helping to maintain a balanced environment.

The price indicated is for a tub of 200-300 individuals. 

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Customer Reviews

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springtails are thrivingggg

well packaged, sooo many of them and they r thriving in there.

No shipment tracking!

I received my order in February, during a week of 40+ degree weather. I fully expected to have some sort of tracking on the parcel so that the springtails were limited to being subject to the hot extremes. However, I got concerned when it had been several days since I received the order confirmation. I checked my mailbox to see the parcel. I am not sure how long they had been there, but they had all perished, including any eggs.
It would have been good to have some sort of tracking method on the parcel, including a departure date, to avoid this. Great packing nonetheless.


Amazing products, packed very carefully!!