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Isopod Clean up Crew for Terrarium/ Vivarium/ Bio Active

Isopod Clean up Crew for Terrarium/ Vivarium/ Bio Active

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Armadillidium vulgare

Quantity 15 per container.

Notes:  This item is not available for delivery to TAS, WA, NT.  For the best sake please choose express postage. Order might also be withheld from dispatch if out local VIC temperatures are excess 30 degree.

Enhance your setup with the introduction of Isopods, offering multifaceted benefits for a thriving habitat. Isopods play a pivotal role in soil aeration, creating tunnels that prevent waterlogging and promote optimal plant growth. These versatile creatures efficiently manage waste by consuming fecal material, decaying plant matter, and feeder insects, converting them into nutrient-rich substances for your plants. Isopods act as natural fertilizers, distributing essential nutrients throughout the substrate. Furthermore, they serve as effective pest controllers, preying on mite eggs and contributing to a balanced ecosystem. Elevate your terrarium's health with Isopods – the key to a vibrant and sustainable habitat.

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