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Smart Misting System for 2-4 nozzle setup

Smart Misting System for 2-4 nozzle setup

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With built in timer, so you can choose to run seconds per hours (ex.  20 second in 3 hours)

The Smart Misting System is a high-tech device designed to provide efficient and automated plant misting. The device operates on a working voltage of 5V and consumes less than or equal to 5W of power, making it an energy-efficient solution. It features two nozzles and has a compact product size of 8010035mm.

The Smart Misting System comes with a 5-meter-long PE water pipe and a range of accessories, including a pipe cutting machine, self-suction head, tee, elbow, R clips, plugs, and cable ties. The device also features a touch screen interface for easy operation and cycle timing for precise misting intervals.

With the Smart Misting System, users can automate their plant misting schedule, saving time and effort. The misting system provides a consistent misting pattern, which ensures that plants receive the proper amount of moisture, preventing over or under-watering. Overall, the Smart Misting System is a convenient and reliable solution for indoor and outdoor plant misting.

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