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The Green Pill

The Green Pill

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The Terrarium "The Green Pill" is a unique creation from Modernrium that offers an alluring miniature world of nature, enclosed in a glass vessel. This stunning terrarium is a perfect addition to your home or office space, adding a touch of greenery and life to your environment.

The Green Pill Terrarium is designed to be a self-sustaining ecosystem that requires minimal maintenance. The plants within the terrarium recycle the air and water, creating their own mini-environment. This closed environment is ideal for the plants to thrive, and with the warranty, you can enjoy your terrarium for a long time.

The dimensions of the Green Pill Terrarium are 30cm x 10cm, making it a perfect size for a small desk or tabletop. Modernrium provides a list of plants and a care guide to ensure that your terrarium continues to flourish.

Overall, the Terrarium "The Green Pill" is a beautiful and low-maintenance way to bring the beauty of nature into your home or workspace.

All my terrariums are balanced ecosystems with springtails, beneficial bacteria. They require minimal care and attention. l also have some lights for sale if you are interested (they are optional though),and there will be discount if buying a combo item and light.

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