Terrarium care

Modernrium terrarium care guide


FOR Terrariums and Paludariums


Even all terrariums are balanced ecosystems with air, plants, soil, nutrients, animals (springtails, woodlice, beneficial bacterias …) they would still need a little care to thrive.

- Use bottle sprayer (tap water is fine) to spray the terrarium one per fortnight or when needed. Give it a dam wet spray at once.

- Place it under a BRIGHT shade (ex: next to a window), avoid direct sunlight and any direct heat source. Install an app named “Light meter”  into your phone and use it to measure lighting condition at the spot and make sure it ‘s from 400 LUX up.

- Trimming is required occasionally, just with a pair of scissors.

- Fertilizer is NOT required within the first two years.

- For terrariums with water features, please keep the pump runs 24/7. Top up water when it’s running low. There is no need to change water too often.

- For the use of an artificial grow light, use them with a fixed period of time during a day, maximum amount of  lighing is 12 hours daily. (a timer is recommended)


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Very beautiful terrarium 👍

Nathan Ngo

I just wanted to say thank you so much 😊
They absolutely stunning 🤩


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