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Bonsai Aquarium Terrarium

Bonsai Aquarium Terrarium

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The Modern-rium water feature in Glen Waverley is a unique combination of a bonsai garden, aquarium, and terrarium. The feature features a flowing stream of water that creates a calming atmosphere, making it perfect for a home or office. Simply pour water in and plug it into a USB port and it will take care of itself. The bonsai tree and aquarium/terrarium provide a touch of nature and a home for aquatic creatures and plants. The water feature is low-maintenance, energy efficient, made from high-quality materials, and easy to clean. This indoor water feature is a must-have for anyone who wants to add a touch of nature and tranquility to their space.

All my terrariums are balanced ecosystems with springtails, beneficial bacteria. They require minimal care and attention. l also have some lights for sale if you are interested (they are optional though),and there will be discount if buying a combo item and light.

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