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Hygrolon - Moss/ Fern growing medium

Hygrolon - Moss/ Fern growing medium

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Hygrolon is a synthetic material that allows objects to retain water where soil is not available. This material is made up of a network of fibers that are highly absorbent, allowing it to hold and distribute water effectively. When applied to a surface, Hygrolon provides moisture to plants in the same way that tree bark retains water in natural environments.

Hygrolon is commonly used in vertical gardens, living walls, and other types of green walls. The material is often used as a substrate for mosses and other epiphytic plants that do not require soil to grow. Instead, these plants rely on air and moisture to survive, making Hygrolon an ideal solution for their growth.

One of the benefits of Hygrolon is its ability to regulate moisture levels, preventing overwatering and allowing plants to thrive in environments where traditional soil-based growing methods may not be feasible. Additionally, Hygrolon is lightweight and flexible, making it easy to install and work with in a variety of applications.

The price is for a piece with an area of 50x50cm.

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