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Feather Moss (Wijkia extenuata) - Terrestrial Moss

Feather Moss (Wijkia extenuata) - Terrestrial Moss

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We usually have moss (many types of moss:  Thuidium Sp Fern moss, Wijkia moss, Feather moss, Hypnum moss,  Haircap moss …) They are from licensed harvesters and being harvested from sustainable sources. 

This Wijkia moss is hardy species normally can be found attached to rock or tree trunk. In Tasmania Wijkia is represented by a single species, W. extenuata (previouslyAcanthocladium extenatum).

W. extenuata is an exceedingly common weft-forming moss of wet forest and rainforest. It has an untidy appearance and typically grows on logs or terrestrially and is also often found creeping up the bases of trees. The shoots, particularly the main one, distinctively end in spiky points, thereby giving rise to the colloquial appellations for the species like 'Spiky Wiki' or Spear moss. 
They will come as one big sheet or few smaller ones.  Price is for a size of an A4 paper 28x21 cm. They and well known for dryness tolerance and will look fresh after few water sprays. 

NOT Suitable for aquarium (under water).

Lighting condition: Medium (LUX >600)



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