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The Fountain

The Fountain

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The Fountain is a stunning indoor water feature that incorporates aquatic plants and running water to create a tranquil and natural environment. The centerpiece of the feature is a 30cm wide water bowl, which is filled with crystal clear water that flows up and down in a continuous cycle. The water is purified and oxygenated by the aquatic plants, which include Panda Bamboo and a large amount of Hemianthus Calitrichoides “Cuba”.

Hemianthus Calitrichoides “Cuba” is a popular plant used in aquariums due to its ability to create a dense and lush green carpet on the bottom of the tank. In The Fountain, the plant is used to add texture and visual interest to the water feature.

For added ambiance, optional lights are available for purchase. The lights can be used to highlight the aquatic plants and enhance the overall aesthetic of The Fountain. Customers who purchase a combo item and light will receive a discount.

Overall, The Fountain is a beautiful and peaceful addition to any indoor space.

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