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Little Tropical Forest

Little Tropical Forest

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A domed terrarium with springtails, also known as "The Little Tropical Forest," is a beautiful and self-sustaining ecosystem that brings a bit of the outdoors into your home. These miniature gardens are created in a glass container with a domed lid, creating a humid environment that is ideal for tropical plants. The terrarium is designed to be a closed system, with the plants and animals inside providing everything they need to thrive.

One of the key elements in a domed terrarium is the inclusion of springtails, which are small insects that break down organic matter and help to keep the soil healthy. These creatures also play a crucial role in maintaining the balance of the ecosystem, ensuring that harmful bacteria and fungi don't take over.

In addition to the springtails, the terrarium is filled with a variety of tropical plants, creating a lush and diverse environment. A care guide and plant list are included to help you maintain the terrarium and keep it healthy for years to come. The result is a stunning and low-maintenance piece of natural beauty that will enhance any living space.

All my terrariums are balanced ecosystems with springtails, beneficial bacteria. They require minimal care and attention. l also have some lights for sale if you are interested (they are optional though),and there will be discount if buying a combo item and light.
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