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Aquarium Plant Glue (Gel) 5g

Aquarium Plant Glue (Gel) 5g

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Introducing the indispensable Aquarium Plant Glue 5g! This remarkable adhesive offers unrivaled versatility, as it thrives in aquatic environments, ensuring seamless usability. Its instantaneous bonding power is complemented by its eco-friendly nature, as it poses no threat to flora and fauna. This product effortlessly adheres plants to any hardscape, even underwater, making it ideal for driftwood, stones, and other hard surfaces. In convenient paste form, there's no need for messy dipping. Super Glue Gel 5g is a must-have solution, effortlessly transforming your aquatic landscaping projects with its exceptional reliability and ease of use.

Dry well underwater, Transparent when dried, Safe for all plants, Can hold any materials such as rocks, woods, glass, plastics but best is for planting. 

Product size: 5g
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